Binary Options Scam Review.

This is a cautionary tale, a  first hand experience with SecuredOtions and hence a Binary Options Scam review.

Read on to find out about what happened when I got involved with  DreamProfits and SecuredOptions and whether they are scammers or not. Is this a new scam?
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I received an email from Matilda Raynolds with a link to a video put out by an outfit calling themselves In the video the so called founder who calls himself Matthew Warner  a multi millionaire  was offering a free introduction to a Binary Options Robot software that would guarantee profits and  all that he wanted in exchange was a testimonial in 6 weeks time about how amazing the program was ,as they would be charging a lot to join very shortly. This was only going to be available to 15 lucky applicants. They would be receiving $4000+ within 24 hours!

Why was he doing this?

He said that he was being so magnanimous simply because he could. He didn’t need the money, he just wanted to pay back, just like his mentor did who got him started.

“Matthew Warner” explained that to get access to this money you have to register with their trusted broker- SecuredOptions.comScreen Shot 2016-06-17 at 23.23.09 but not to worry because you will have all this money tomorrow.

Now this is the embarrassing bit,

I treat everything that Matilda Raynolds sends me with suspicion, I view it as useful sources of information for my site about offers that you should avoid. I signed up. My approach is that when you are reviewing opportunities it’s no use having other people opinions it should be first hand, but I have to admit part of me wanted to believe it, hey! $4000 dollars by tomorrow would be handy.

However when I signed up for an account and asked for access to the Dreamprofits software I was told that there was a problem with their software but not to worry they have a similar system and that a financial advisor will call to explain.

(Alarm bells are started ringing ). Yes a guy by the name of Jove Dax called and he managed to persuade me to increase my initial deposit of £250 to £500 giving me access to bonuses of £300. Now I’m in to the tune of £500 pounds . ( Alarm Bells are getting louder.)

Jove says that next day a more senior account manager will call to set the ball rolling don’t worry.

At this stage I am having a horrible feeling that I am in a scam, a sort of hypnotic state. Part not wanting to believe that I have been stupid and given away £500 and the sensible part thinking-

”How do I get my money back?!”

Binary Options Brokers

A bit too late I did a search on Google, alas SecuredOptions are not registered Options Brokers and are based in the Marshalls Islands in the Pacific. Also Dreamprofits is a total fabrication and the millionaire ” Matthew Warner” doesn’t exist. It was all a ploy to deposit money with SecuredOptions.

There are reports of people being lured into depositing more and more money to get access to more and more profits investing $thousands after borrowing/mortgaging and then losing it all. I cancelled the account and requested my £500 pound deposit to be returned. (Very Loud Alarm Bells)

The next day Mike Jenssen called wondering why I had closed the account. He became quite aggressive and argumentative saying ” Look I’ve Already made you 85 pounds” But I was adamant that I didn’t want anything to do with them, that I had been conned and that I wanted out and my money back. Mike Jenssen cut me off.


Since then after repeated requests to I received a response. Evidently when I clicked “Agree” I had agreed that I would have to wait 30 days after my deposit date and at least one trade should have been carried out! Note there is no cooling off period, which is usual with bona fide organisations. Mike Jennsen has made a trade using my money all I have to do is wait until the time is up so I can apply for a withdrawal but I am not holding my breath!

I will post the result and the verdict on whether and Dreamprofits are scams.


Judgement So Far:-

Dreamprofts definitely a scam.

SecuredOptions from my position most probably, why else for a start would they link with Dreamprofits?

Latest update on today’s date my £500 is back in my account.

it took 41 days to get it back!

Navstar Trader Review

News Flash! I just received an email from Matida Raynolds

directing me to a video about Navstar Trader yet another Binary Options Autobot Software. Ethan Harrington a multimillionaire says he wants to give me free access to Navstar Trader and guarantee me $22.000.05 dollars a day Wow! This sounded a lot like the Dreamprofits video that I mentioned above. Guess what?in the screen shots of the successful trades the broker’s name SecuredOptions!



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All genuine comments will be answered.



PS I can’t sign off without my # recommendation for making money online. This is the steady, sure, honest route. I’m sure that there is money to be made in gambling on Binary Options if you know what you are doing. That means learning how to do it with genuine Registered Options Brokers.

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  1. I am finding myself in exactly the same predicament Trevor had I to was directed to a Mr Leo Bent at Secured Options after clicking on some add for a wonder deal to do with automative software the stockbroker he put me in contact with was a vile piece called Flloyd someone I’ve had some extremely volatile experiences with him this software started draining my money instead of profiting now after 7 weeks of endless amounts of emails to the company and endless calls only to be put through to the rudest most unhelpful bitch called Amy at the only phone number they provide who says they are in London and will not help me contact their accounts department other than email which is not working my withdrawl does not work I’ve submitted and done everything they have asked and keep sending me totally prefound excuses every time they will not give my money back and this has gone on for 2 months now a battle I seem to never win they have fraudulently taken my money helped me lose some of it and will not close my account and send my remaining money back, I’m over my wits end what to do any legal advice of channels I go through don’t seem to be able to help me as I’ve said this is 2 months now what can be done?

    • Hi Ross I’m sorry to hear of your experience with SecuredOptions. So far I have not managed to get my deposit back even though I have jumped through all the hoops as requested.
      Below is a copy of an email I received from a guy who did get his money back. I intend to pursue these options now I see that they don’t intend to play ball. I will keep you informed.Copy Follows
      Hi all,

      A regular update. The list of victims just keeps getting longer. For those of you who have just joined us, you could scroll through the past emails and get an idea of where we are at. And if any of you decided to drop out, just feel free to get in touch with me and I will remove your name accordingly.

      I have recovered all my deposits. SecuredOptions contacted me a 1 week ago and they wanted to settle our issues offline. The terms are that I will remove all bad reviews about them from all forums I have, but also, I think the one that actually made an impact and made them sit up, was to recall my complain to them to MoneyNetint.

      For your background information, MoneyNetint is the official money payment agent they used for bank wire transfer through their service company Hill Marketing Ltd which is registered in London (not sure about other methods such as Western Union). Out of desperation, I actually raised a case to MoneyNetint on 1st June and I got a reply back from MoneyNetint compliance officer that they act strictly as an intermediary between businesses and clients. I did not know they will actually follow up on my case in the background until I receive the request for settlement from SecuredOptions. I went and look into detail at MoneyNetint webpage and found the below, which acts in my favour and actually made SecuredOptions shiver in their shoes:

      “It is the policy of Moneynetint, Ltd. to take all reasonable and appropriate steps to prevent persons engaged in money laundering, fraud, or other financial crime, including the financing of terrorists or terrorist operations, (hereinafter collectively referred to as “money laundering”) from utilizing MNI products and services. We have developed an Anti­Money Laundering (“AML”) Compliance Program to comply with applicable laws and regulations.”

      My conclusion is MoneyNetint is a big company and with their strict policy on fraud and money laundering, SecuredOptions finally woke up and realised they might be biting off more than they can chew this time round. And that MoneyNetint definitely has the capability to follow through with an impactful law suit if necessary. If I could show you the the email exchanges between SecuredOptions and me, it actually gave me pleasure to see how desperate they are for me to recall that particular complain to MoneyNetint, I could almost hear their tears through the wordings.

      So, to all of you out there, do not give up hope. It took me 7 weeks of tough fighting and I walked away with scars, but I won the war eventually. Go ahead and raise complains and feedbacks to whoever, whichever and whatever you can think of, be very vocal on online forums (especially Forex Peace Army), who knows, one of these channels might just trigger a reaction from SecuredOptions. A quick recap:

      1) If your deposits were made using credit or debit cards, please contact your bank or credit card issuer to initiate a chargeback process. I guess most of the victims fall under this category. Reason is for services not provided/rendered as described. Some of you might raise it under Unauthorised Charges if SecuredOptions debit from your card without your consent. There might be another option Refund/Credit not processed, I have not used that before but if you request for withdrawal from SecuredOptions and nothing happened, you could probably select this as another reason.

      If you are not comfortable, there is a service provider which can help with the chargeback process. They will basically review all your evidences, tidy and organize your information and help you present a more convincing case to ensure higher rate of success. They offer a 25% (+17% VAT) on the recovered fees. No win, no charge.

      2) Any deposits made through bank wire transfer (again, not sure about other methods such as Western Union though), can send an email to MoneyNetint which handle their wire transfers. It would be great if you have some form of reference case numbers from some authorities, such as ActionFraud UK, your local police etc. This would make yours a stronger case and pressure MoneyNetint to follow up on.

      3) SecuredOptions is registered as a company in The Marshall Islands, has a service company in the UK and their website is registered in the US. Winchargeback (I utilized their service to recoup a portion of my money) assured me that SecuredOptions is physically operating out of Israel. So raise a complaint with the relevant authorities: ActionFraud (UK), FCA (UK), ISA (Israel), CFTC (US), The Marshall Islands government (, your local police, (international). It would be good if you have some other case reference numbers from previous victims included to build on the case and refer the authorities to previous similar cases. I can provide mine if anyone needs those.

      As I have committed to SecuredOptions, I will refrain from posting any more negative reviews on forums and recall my complaint to MoneyNetint. But I did not commit not to continue to provide advice to victims or direct them to the appropriate authorities to make complains. Hence please feel free to continue to engage me if you need my advice. Or direct new victims to me.

      I have also narrowed down a feasible private investigation company and a legal firm that could help out, but the upfront fees required are not cheap. So if you, or if you know of any other victims, who have lost quite a hefty sum and is willing to chance another $5-6000 to recoup their losses, I can provide those contacts.

      Till then have a good day and keep fighting.

      Best Regards;
      Su Wen Xuan
      His email address

  2. Hello Trevor,
    Would you please take a look at Elite Money Machines site/video and
    Make your comment?

    Looks good for any “newbie”,like myself – simple steps – help along
    The way – no big investment.
    Yours with appreciation,

    Tom Morrow

    • Hi Tom I had a look at Elite Money Machines and while I haven’t conducts a comprehensive review it seems like you have to have an email list for this to work and as a newbie you won’t have one. It’s probably something to look at once you understand the basics which is what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. I hope this is useful. Give me a shout if you need any more info.
      Best wishes

  3. Hi, Trevor Iam having problem with binarybanc, in getting a withdrawal,I been constantly lied to the last few week, about why I can’nt get my withdraw that I requested today is because so many people have requested a withdraw, lies, lies and more lies, I send them a wire tranfer on July 14, and then I stop hereing from my broker, after he got the deposit, I was told he was sick, he took a leave of absent, and nobody, call to let me know after he had my deposit to say we have to give you another broker ,so I emailed my broker and told him I know you are still there he was hounding me everyday for my deposit, so I put in to get a withdraw and they just keep lyning to me, what can I do Shirley

    • Hi Shirley. here’s a couple of suggestions. Report to your bank what is happening and suggest to them that binarybanc are acting fraudulently. Find out which company they used for the wire transfer and report them. Then tell binary banc what you are doing.Look up on Google for reporting fraud and report them also tell Binary bank this is what you are doing.
      I hope this helps.

  4. I think this will reduce the amount of people these fraud binary option brokers victimize but i still find it hard to believe there are people who actually do make profits from binary option, after investing with banc de binary and losing it all and then giving GT option a chance and the same tactics was used just that the lady who spoke to me over the phone was nicer and they always had my time until i need to withdraw. i could write on about more binary options traders i tried with little amounts like 200-500$ and they still gave me the same signals of fraud ahead. One thing i was happy for is meeting Calgary security . org . i actually did get my lost investments after months of depression and having taken a loan from my office i was not getting my usual pay anymore and bills kept piling. I just thank My stars i got it back, i would have comitted suicide, the pressure from work and people i convinced to invest with me was killing me

    • Hi I’m glad to hear that you got your money back. There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there with their lies about instant profits. I find the sure but slow genuine method as outlined in my information about Wealthy Affiliate is the best way of making money online.
      Best wishes

  5. Most brokers take advantage with customers funds
    because they feel these customers don’t know how to get their funds back
    But trust me there are hidden ways you can get your lost funds back
    from the broker. I was able to withdraw my $94000 from
    the two brokers i signed up with while trading. If you have lost funds to broker that is more than $2000 please kindly let me know so i can tell you how you can get your money back. email me

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