Scam sad emoticon image The first obvious sign is that the offer suggests that you can make large amounts of money in a very short space of time with no experience.
In the real world I.e. Not the fantasy world that is being conjured up here, does this usually happen? No the only way this is going to happen is if you get really lucky and win some money say on the lottery or at the casino.

45,000,000/1 odds on winning the uk lottery’

do you know what 52/1 odds are? the chance that you will choose your card of choice from a hidden deck of cards.

Yes I know someone’s going to win it and you’ve got to be in it to win it.

I confess now and again I buy a ticket but I do it realising that it’s a tax on the mathematically challenged

Gambling Scams image Another way that this could be achieved is if you steal the money, again not that easy to do. This brings us to the whole point of a scam- someone has worked out a way of making a lot of money by pursuading people to pay out for an unobtainable dream.


Binary scam image


When I restarted recently looking for viable methods of making money online my searches took me to the BINARY OPTIONS schemes. These are presented as Trading platforms where you can make ridiculous amounts of money very quickly without any experience.

Hmm! Sounds like this might be too good to be true,


You have to be very careful with these programmes. Especially

The Automatic Programmes

The first thing to be aware of is that although it is suggested that you are trading what you will be doing is gambling.Vegas Slot Machines

You bet that a certain stock, or currency fluctuation will either go up or fall over a set period of time. You get to see charts of how the particular market has been acting and from these data you make your predictions and place your bets.

Except with the so called

Guaranteed Automatic Programmes all you do is deposit some money and sit back while the money flows .

I know nothing about stocks and shares and relative currency fluctuations, so I began to feel worried about the safety the $250 that I would have to deposit to take part. Further research suggests that some affiliates who recommend these products get paid according to your losses! . Look out for posts on my site  covering these…. Find out about  a first hand account of my dealings with a company called in my recent post.



Hey ! apologies to any Nigerian visitors looking for a Genuine Business

Nigerian Scam



A very obvious scam is an email from somewhere abroad. The original version was from Nigeria but now comes from many different places.

The last one I had ( August 2015) came from Malaysia.

The general idea is this :-

The sender has access to Several Million Dollars but unfortunately because of banking problems in their country they cannot get the money out, so if you provide your banking details you will get a percentage of the amount as a reward, ( Yeah Right!) you will need to sow your account with some money to start the process, and guess what ? You lose that money and some con artist has your bank details.

Another Version

Another version I had recently said that as the sender has a terminal illness he wanted to hand me a few million dollars to give to charity!

The fact that these attempts are received frequently suggests that some people are being taken in, don’t let it be you.

Incidentally I have just spoken to someone who is working on CyberCrime here in the UK , she said that you wouldn’t believe the amount of intelligent usually wordly wise people who fall for these scams September 2015


phishing scam image


There are lots of these about and the idea is quite simple. These con artists mock up emails that look like they come from a genuine bank or utility provider asking you to confirm your details etc. The thing here to bear in mind is that Banks never ask you to reveal such information online, also the email link is usually a giveaway even though the Logo and literature of the bank can look genuine.

In the UK you can report these attempts to empty your bank account to –

In the US-


phone call scam image


I encountered one of these just a while ago. I answered a call and the male voice said” This is the police someone has tried to buy a Rolex watch using your Debit Card” Hmm? I thought that is possible ,cards have been known to be cloned . Then came the give away line” so sir can we confirm what cards you have on you?” No way I thought and put the phone down. But how many people with the worry that we might have been defrauded will then go on to divulge Card details and pin numbers?

then be well and truly defrauded.

Another Con

Suppose  you have put something up for sale , say, a car. You receive a call saying someone has put in an offer but you need to put up a reserve fee to keep the offer open. you of course will get this back on completion. Unfortunately there is no buyer and you will never see your reserve fee again.

Yet Another Trick

Another Phone Scam which I experienced and later saw it written up in the National press :-

I answered a call the voice said ( in an asian accent.) “You have a virus on your computer.” ah I said ” What sort of computer Have I got?” He didn’t answer that. He said this is Microsoft you need to download a program to remove the problem.” I smelled a rat and politely told him no!

Some days later an article in the news paper talked of a journalist who had set up a Virtual Website  and was waiting for these scammers . He went along with their virus removal program only to be told that this was going to cost him a large amount of money. When he told them he wasn’t prepared to pay they said that they would delete all his files. When He still refused to cough up. They duly deleted what they thought was all his computer files.  Beware!

It seems that this scam is being used succesfully to date( 21/09/2015. The Daily Telegraph Uk reported that a firm in Suffolk Uk  fell for this very con and were defrauded out of £1m, ouch!

I’m thinking that it must take quite a bit of energy and application to set up a scam why don’t these enterprising people check out a genuine way of making money?

One thought on “Scams

  1. I really love this article. Binary Options is online like wildfire. I think this gets on my nerves more than these Ponzi Pyramid Schemes.

    So many people tell me it’s not like gambling and I disagree. It’s like gambling to me. People are putting money up to make a prediction. It’s like picking black or red on a roulette table.

    As for that virus phone call scam. I happened to be at a friends house and my friend got the same phone call. I told my friend. How do they know you have a virus. I told her to hang up the phone and run a virus scan and sure enough there was no virus.

    It’s a shame that people would do anything for money. I mean, it’s pretty scary that people will go to so much length to make a buck. I don’t know how these people sleep at night.

    Great article I really enjoyed reading it. I also love your tagline, Honesty Is The Best Policy. It sure is. 🙂

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