Making Money Online

How Do We Make Money Online?

I covered in a  previous Page some  of the options open to you to make money online.

If you followed my advice you should now have a fully functioning web site. To make money you have to sell something. but what shall I sell? I hear you ask.

The most important thing to consider is your niche. This is  fundamental and it will be the foundation stone of your business .

Choosing A Niche.niche

Probably the first mistake to make is to choose too large a niche. I made that error when I built a site (Sitesell- see my review) I built way too big.Keep it narrow. Now I am building a site about one particular area affected by pain. E. G. Don’t have a site about motorbikes in general, narrow it down to a particular type or even one model that you can build an information data base about.

Keyword Tools

W A has a keyword SEO tool that is free as a premium member so you can analyse what words people are searching for and also the competition in that field. You can also add JAAXY which is an extra subscription for those serious in their endeavours. AS a premium member you get a trial run to demonstrate its efficiency ( It is not vital to add JAAXY just another tool) W.A. doesn’t have upsales. You know how they go. Join up for x which is just a starter then you have to upgrade for x$ and on and on until you are Shelling out $thousands and you’ve got to sell to try to get your money back.

What you pay as a premium member is what you pay full stop .

Information is valuable. I’m quite happy to shell out £20-30  for the right sort of material that will help me in my venture. The group I am working with at the moment give amazing value for approximately that amount.

If you have an e-book available then of course you could market that. however I am aiming this to a beginner so it is unlikely that this would be the case. So until you have got enough material about how you became the top of your field and have created the book, look at affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

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What you get from Affiliate Marketing

It’s a system of marketing where an arrangement is made where the Vendor ( say Amazon) agrees to give you as the Affiliate commission on articles  sold to people that you have referred to them.

It is a a wonderful chance for the lone entrepreneur to compete with the larger perhaps lumbering enterprises.

You Don’t Have To Sell

Also because referrals are the key, you don’t have to sell. Build your expert status so that if you endorse something people are going to check it out.

Thousands of people are working this system, which is a win win one.

Educate Communicate Replicate

Here’s an example of how this can work. These guys have built a great honest and ethical programme. Starting from deciding they would become millionaires using the internet to achieve it

They saw a gap in the market for an educational programme about affiliate marketing. So they started Wealthy Affiliate in 2005.  As a community it is many thousand strong from total beginners to experienced marketers. There is a built in incentive to help others. With a step by step training program on building a site with invaluable information on up to the minute  social media techniques.

So you have:-


An Educationl aspect THE OPEN EDUCATION PROJECT- which leads to


A community of like minded people who can learn to communicate by sharing information and knowledge


Replicate is not to copy( Sure in your own private space copy the Stars but what  comes from you must be inspired). What I am saying is within Wealthy Affiliate there is a vast amount of information to give anyone a step by step guide to earning an income with the internet, by producing your own personal platform.

As Oscar Wilde said “Be yourself everyone else is already taken”

To find out more check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate

If you want to start up your online business for free plus a free e-book on niche marketing click here. Not only will you get access to the free start up guide and free book but you will also be able to receive other invaluable information on how to ensure your online success via personal support.