Is SiteBuild it A Scam?

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I have found it interesting comparing my experience with Wealthy Affiliate and Site Sell aka Site build it.

I joined Site Sell way back when I knew nothing about putting my business online, I learned an enormous amount from Ken Evoy’s introductory lessons on how to use HTML for the newbie. I have to say I put many hours into building my SBI site. In the end I had quite a lot of traffic going through the site but did it become profitable?

No is the answer!


I was completely on my own. After I chose my niche domain using Brainstorm it from then on nobody came back to me to say , what I eventually realised, was that my choice was too big a niche, i.e. it wasn’t a niche but an enormous vista. Where was that feedback?

I recently subscribed for a free trial for SBI for WordPress.

2 Things about this-

1 This gives you access to BrainStorm it their engine for assessing the value of key words to position your site re site engine optimization (SEO).

I found this device very confusing and intimidating and I already had an idea for a site anyway.

2. I then found out that SBI for WP is just a plug in and you would have to pay $17 per month on top of your $29.99

Why would you do this?

According to Ken Evoy there is nothing to match his system. Here is his Acronym-


Brain Attitude Motivation


I agree with his general ideas but……

Along came WordPress

And suddenly his clunky website construction system got left behind.

You only have to search Google to see what’s happening, even though Ken Evoy has tried to mount a defence ever since Google has modified its algorithm ,

Google panda algorithm image

Google Panda

SiteSell has been hit.

Why? Because The whole rationale of Brainstorm it was to manipulate the search engines and Google no like that!


If you are coming into the area you can learn a lot about website building especially if you are a total newbie and need to learn about HTMl


The whole system has been left behind ,It is a drag and drop system only understood by its regulators, Which I think harks back to the dot com boom 1997-2001 when these systems originated.


It is aimed at the newcomer to online marketing



There is step by step training with tutorials


The support seemed good when I had a query about SBI for WordPress, they got back to me within 24 hours. General problems are dealt with via forums which research tells me is not so great. (Delays and unfriendliness are common complaints.)

Price $29.99 per month $299 per year

To add SBI for WordPress $17.per month $149 per year

Technical support costs extra $17 per incident and one to one training costs $99 and up.

Remember this is for 1 website




There have been accusations on Google that SBI/Sitesell is a scam. Well I can certainly say that it is not. However the general opinion is that all is not well with the company.

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Robber Scammer

Ever since changes in Google’s search algorithm in 2011 SBI customers have seen their traffic figures plummet, evidently Google decided to punish over SEO optimisation and too many adsense links and links to other sites they viewed as low value sites.also Ken Evoy has entered into some sort of war with Google claiming they have allowed a mass conspiracy discrediting SBI and calling it a scam.

Also for many years Ken Evoy claimed that his system was far superior to Blogging Sites like WordPress but now he has launched a plug in called SBI for WordPress. It seems he has changed his mind.

I think the truth is that word press is the way to go and the fact that 58.6%% of all websites are WordPress sites tells the story and the fact is SBI is out of date and in decline.

I am biased because I have signed up with Wealthy Affiliate. It has been nearly three weeks since I signed up for the SBI for WordPress and in that time I have had no feedback, no welcome message nothing! It reminds me of when I was with SBI some years ago, I felt totally on my own.

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Happy Smiley Emoticon

smiley happy

I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 8 weeks and in that time I have had an enormous amount of support, training( step by step video and text tutorials) ,feedback from any number of members( crucially there is a credit system where if you help others you are rewarded.)

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Find out how you can try it out for free and get 2 free websites and how you can build many sites for one price


2 thoughts on “Is SiteBuild it A Scam?

  1. Great review Trevor, I don’t think SBI is a scam at all either. I’ve tried it years back and I do feel their brainstorm tool is difficult.

    I feel that their service worked back in the day, but have they evolved? I feel like they got stuck and when they do move forward it’s another fee for their users.

    There are several things I love about Wealthy Affiliate, here is a few, they are always evolving, improving and helping people. Not to mention that there are choices in WA’s membership…free or pay. That’s it! You can go yearly or monthly.

    Their hosting is excellent and I have over 100 pages and post with images and video on my site and till this day my site runs smoothly. I’ve made a return on my investment and that is so exciting.

    I think if people are interested in building a business online, they can check out both. WA doesn’t ask for a credit card so there is no harm no foul there. People can get their money back if they try SBI, but I’m pretty sure people will see the difference.

    Great honest review! Evelyn

    • Hi Evelyn
      Thanks for your review of my review! It’s great to hear about your positive experience with Wealthy Affiliate and I like your fair comparison with SBI.

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