Is Google Sniper 3 a Scam?

I recently received a mail shot which lead me to a video by George Brown. Is Google Sniper a scam? I wondered after watching it.

Google sniper Review.

First off let’s say right away that by far the most obvious and off-putting aspect of the home landing page is that it is an achingly long cheesey sales video.

In it George Brown talks of his passion for helping others to become successful affiliate marketing millionaires like himself. Sadly he does go on a bit about the passion.

There is not a lot of detail about what exactly you will be buying because this is a sales pitch after all, but there is a lot of hype about how much money you will make in a very short time. If a newcomer to the world of online marketing and moneymaking watches the video, he/she wouldn’t understand that The Google Sniper system involves building multiple single page websites, using Search Engine Optimisation SEO keywords connected to suitable Affiliation Programs.

The Home Page is a Video

Watching the video with its animated text and George exclaiming his passion was somewhat hypnotic. Certainly the promises of what sort of luxury life you will be having once you have got Snooper up and running look very appealing (flashy car, palm trees, beach, etc.), but seem very familiar and typical of the scammy sales pitches so often encountered.

What does it cost?

George says that he’s not after your money because he is so passionate. However, because he has invested thousands of dollars in developing the system, it would be nice if you chipped in a little to help him run this massive organization?!!

How much? Well George says not $1000, not £100, but $47 – and it took ages to get to this bit in the video.

Free Trial

The first time I got this far I went to close the window and up came an offer to get the whole package for $1 for a free trial! The next day I tried to get the $1 download, but noticed that I would be charged a regular $68 starting in 5days!! (This is in quite small print.) I declined the offer.


How much can you earn?Flyer

£1,575.90 – £2,556.80 a day (these are actual figures quoted) and,

as you can see from this flyer, that the system is free to set up and use with no experience necessary. This all sounds so much like a scam. The reality is that it takes time and lots of determination and experience to succeed as an online marketer. What is not explained is that you will have to arrange the Domain Name Registry and the hosting for your sites. The system is based on One Page Micro sites, using WordPress with targeted keywords in a niche that is searched for by many and provided by few.

Low Lying Fruit

George mentions the concept of picking “Low Lying Fruit”. This is by using SEO keywords your site will be top ranked in Google. You will then be able to get traffic to your Affiliate program and, because the competition will be low, you can hugely benefit.

Google Algorithm changes

Unfortunately just recently Google changed its search algorithm and now its search robots are not so fooled by Keywords as they were. This was in response to scam sites that consisted of key words, regardless of whether they made much sense. Evidently content is now the key to ranking, which is great because content is information sharing. Google Sniper comes across as a short cut to riches online. It is a bit like a sneaky trick to fool the search engines. If it ever was a good idea, it is becoming less so. I think that if you do have a good product, it should be clearly laid out with a free trial. Here with Google Sniper it feels like there is something to hide and that George is not telling the whole picture.

I have to admit that I am biased because I am with another organization, which is far and away superior to Google Sniper. I have a site that considers whether business opportunities are scams or not. I then investigate and give my verdict.

Comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Google Sniper

Below is a comparison chart with my organization and Google Sniper.

My Verdict

It’s not a scam in that George Brown is charging and not delivering. It’s what is being delivered that is poor value for money “passed its sell by date “ information.

Score 4/10


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