Is Empower Network a scam?

 Empower Network

Overall Ranking: 0-10 = Scam? See below.

Price: $25 per month is the initial advertised price.

Upsells $19.99 you need this to get paid any commission.

Then $100, to join “The inner Circle”

Then $500 for the “Costa Rica Retreat”

Then $1000 for the 15k Formula

Then $3500 for “The Masters Retreat.


Follow the DreamSunrise Hope Photo

You are encouraged/pressured to go “All In” if you are serious. So this Opportunity could cost in excess of $5000 .

It is suggested that you are a “Wussie” if you don’t go “All in”. Nice eh?


Owners: Dave Wood, Dave Sharpe



I do not have direct experience of Empower Network. However I have looked into their set up in some depth. My conclusion STAY AWAY!


It is an MLM( Multi-Level Marketing) operation, if you’ve had any experience with MLM you’ll know why. Let me explain :-

I was involved with an MLM company about 8 years ago, they were and still are a reputable American company selling high quality nutritional supplements.

Pyramid Schemes V MLM

There is a very important difference between genuine MLM which is legal and Pyramid schemes (Ponzi) which are illegal.

The legal MLM company is selling a product, the Ponzi is not. The most recent and famous example was Bernie Madoff’s Stockbroking scam where customers were paid high percentage interest rates which were actually being taken out of new customer investments, not from true trading profits.

So is Empower Network a true MLM company or a pyramid (Ponzi) scheme?

The Empower Network Compensation Plan

Diagram of Commission Structure

Commission Structure

According to the plan, commission is paid as follows. At the $25 level you get paid 100% for the 1st ,3rd,5th and 7th person you sign up. The 2nd 4th and 6th person you sign up the 100% commission goes to your sponsor .

However if someone you sponsor is persuaded to buy in to the more expensive items ,unless you have already bought these you will not get the commission, this will go up the chain to the first person who has bought into this, going “all in”.

Well, they have a product and that is information. But many think that that information is about how to sell Empower to others, not as they claim that they are selling a revolutionary system called viral blogging. The So Called KALATU system which is basically WordPress.

People who were enthusiastic promoters of Empower are dropping out because there is no real substance to the business, just pyramid building.

The whole rationale of MLM is to sell to others to set up a downline where you receive commission from those people below you. The aim is to get as many people as possible in your downline to earn $thousands per month. It can be presented as a very attractive proposition with sales people flashing up expensive houses, fast cars and images of them working on a laptop on some sunny beach.mercedes-952530_640



Did you ever experience chain letters?

You receive a letter with some names on. You send 1$ to the name on the top and mail copies of the letter to 10 other people putting your name on the bottom layer and removing the top name. The 10 people who get your letter do the same. After a couple of weeks if everyone obeys the instructions you should receive hundreds of thousands of letters with 1$ within. But it didn’t happen did it? People don’t believe in the principle and that’s one of the problems selling the idea of MLM.

Are You A Super Sales Person?

It is usually presented that all you have to do is mention the idea to someone and they will happily sign up and you will become rich. However the only people that get rich are the super sales people at the top. These super sales people will already have a list/downline from some other failing MLM company, which they move over to the next hottest scheme.

Which was Empower Network but no more.

Unless this is you, you will struggle to sell the concept. I know I tried. It involves buying lists and trying to persuade people to join, and you can hardly impress them with how much you are making.

This is the truth with Empower Network. People at the top were making loads but many are jumping ship because of the negative reporting of their system.

Facebook and Youtube have banned Empower Network promotions and The Better Business Bureau do not recognize it, posting a warning.


You will learn about Multi Level Marketing. You will learn that this is not the way for a beginner to make money at Internet Marketing.


Multi Level Marketing is one of the hardest ways to make money as a newbie,(beginner). First off after you have been  hyped up by the super sales person you then have to sell to others, you are encouraged to invite your friends and family. Don’t be surprised if they are not as gullible as you! So what do you do if you don’t have a list? ( Which of course you won’t have as a beginner)  Buy one? Good luck with that!

In the case of Empower Network the business was being touted on YouTube and Facebook. Great platforms for sales pitches but both of these do not allow promotion  of this opportunity any longer.

Beware of the following Vic Strizheus, B. I. M . Mark Soto, Global Success Club, High Traffic Academy, as these are all funnels into the Empower Network Hype. They are very persuasive, check before you plunge in!

There is a cult like flavour to the organisation. Witness video clips of devotees talking about ” What Happens Next?”

After all if you have invested $5000 dollars in a dream, of money making riches you are really going to  want that to happen ,even if it means that to get your money back  you have to con someone else. Unfortunately that is becoming more and more unlikely with all the negative feedback.


The people at the top of the Pyramid


The real training doesn’t start until you have bought the $1000, and £3500 packages and the general opinion is that this information can be obtained at a fraction of this  price The $100 and $500 packages are mainly success/ motivational videos.


This will depend on your upline. But there are many listed complaints.

My final verdict is Definitely don’t get involved , it is an overhyped MLM business that unless you already have a list you will struggle to get your money back yet alone make your fortune.

check out my #1 recommendation below for a genuine scam free opportunity .

If you have any comments I’ll be happy to respond.


One thought on “Is Empower Network a scam?

  1. I really like how you pointed out the MLM aspect of Empower Network. Especially the value of the product. I’ve always believed that if people were to get involved in the MLM industry, the product should speak for itself. Unfortunately, a lot of times these MLM companies don’t have a great product for people to sell. MLM shouldn’t always be about recruiting people especially when a person is starting off. Some times people need to rely on selling a product to make money and if the product isn’t of any value, how they can make money? Great Review and great point that only the top make money when a product has no value.

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