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Part way through his presentation ‘Jim Sheridan’ reveals that ‘just recently’ he made a million dollars using these methods. But he then goes on to mention that this was in 2004! That’s 11 years ago. Not that recent then!


This was the first product I purchased from the MIDAS LEGACY. How did I come across the Midas Legacy? I had previously purchased a system from STREETWISE PUBLICATIONS called COPORATE RAIDER, whose author was an individual called ‘Jim Hunt’. Subsequent research suggested to me that these two individuals could be one and the same person. Hunt was the guy who recommended the MIDAS LEGACY.


To start off with Jim provides some good tips about marketing and some valid ideas on why many people fail at internet marketing. He says we must give quality information first and not going for the hard sell. Good points, though hardly novel.


Then he is full of praise and admiration for Google AdWords and Pay Per Click . Again, neither of these things are well-kept secrets. In fact, most of the DVD is about using Adwords and placing 200+ key words on a site. He barely mentions site building.


What about products, I thought, as I persevered through the demonstration. Perseverance is a key word here because the DVD consists of Jim sitting, facing the camera, with his laptop, showing key lecture points behind him on a screen.

Well to become an Internet Deal Broker IDB you need to enter into a Joint Venture( JV. )


Jim’s ideas are:

Explore beauty products on and approach vendors to market their product for them.

Explore products that are spammed to you. Really? Jim’s rationale is that as spamming is a poor way to sell products, if the product you are being offered is any good you can put your superior marketing talents, as per “Jim”, and make your millions.


He does make a good point when discussing autoresponder software and its use in promoting courses.


To make your overnight fortune, he advises that you make a list. He does touch on this point and how you build or obtain one. However as anyone who has any experience knows that the best list is one that you have built yourself, through patience, persistence and quality of content.


So the ad’s claim that you could make a fortune through this method is technically true – but it’s not going to happen within 24 hours.

You get some free bonuses with this for your $77. These comprise links to Adobe Reader, Alexa Tool, Open Office, Elance for e-book publishing, AdWords, Pay Pal and GoDaddy. The other bonuses regarding internet auctions could not be accessed.


Is this a scam?

On a scale of usefulness I would give this 1/10.


Scam Rating: the information is not fraudulent nor obviously crooked. However, with regards to the advertisement’s claim it is very misleading. On that basis I’d rate it 7/10.

If you’d like to look at a system that is definitely not a scam click the banner on the right.Or Below

Wealthy Affiliate

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6 thoughts on “Internet Deal Broker

  1. How am I going to start selling ? To whom am to sell to? Am from Nigeria, Nigeria people will hardly buy anything as such
    Give me idea is it an object. We are to be selling ?through were ?

    • Hi I’m not sure that you understand. Your comment was about the post I put up about The Midas Legacy’s “Internet Deal Broker”. I do not recommend this product. I in fact recommend “Wealthy Affiliate” if you follow the link you will see that this a global business. Affiliate Marketing is the name of the game. Your market is the whole world not just Nigeria. As long as Paypal operates in your country you can join.

  2. I just wasted 35 minyof my life on a clever pay ” $2995.00″ when the first part of the video insists he is not here to sell you anything and there Company is based on Integrity.
    Jim needs to reconsider the true definition of integrity- YOU DONT TELL LIES.

    • Hi Nuala yes I wasted time also checking out “The Deal Broker” Fortunately I only shelled out a small amount to find out the information was mostly out of date and useless. Fortunately I discovered Wealthy Affiliate they have integrity and are always up to date with their training.
      Thanks for responding.

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