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Whilst Checking out Clixsense on the advice of a colleague, I came across an ad

for ProfitAccumulator and I was impressed. Unfortunately it only works in the UK and Ireland. However it is a guaranteed way of making money online UK.

It is Not Gambling

It is a brilliant system of Match Betting and exploiting Bookmaker Free bets. It is the complete opposite to gambling because there is no gamble. You are guaranteed a profit whether your bet wins or loses. It is Not arbitrage just in case you are jumping to any conclusions!

How do we Guarantee a profit?


Very simply-

Here’s an example:-

The Bookmaker’s offer is bet £10 to get a free bet of £10.

We are going to back an event and lay it at the same time. This means the bet is either going to win or lose very little. You are not trying to make a profit here. You just want the free bet.

How do we ensure this?

We use the profit accumulator software to find as close a match between the Bookmakers Back odds and a Betting Exchange’s e.g. Betfair lay odds.

What is laying?

We all know how to back. We bet that x will win and we accept odds ( statistical likelihood). Since the appearance of Betting Exchanges we can now act just like a bookmaker and take the opposite position of betting that x will not win. This is laying the bet. So if we back x to win at the bookie and bet it will lose at the Betting Exchange, as long as the odds for each were close, we will neither win nor lose. However we have now got a free bet.

More on our example

A bookmaker offers a free bet to new sign-ups.

e.g. Sign up deposit £10 and make a bet of £10.

(Now comes the first clever bit.) You consult their Oddsmatching software and choose an event and note what Back Odds and lay odds that are near each other.

Then you enter their calculator and it tells you exactly the amount to lay. The Calculator tells you the amount to lay and what your liability is. Then whatever happens you neither win or lose, but you have a free bet!

The Free Bet

With the free bet you then consult the oddsmatcher software for likely matches. (By the way this is all explained in much more detail by )Profit Accumulator.

You then enter the calculator using free bet parameters and it will give you the exact amount to lay against the free bet, so that you are guaranteed a profit whether it wins or loses.


So far I have been working through the introductory offers and have made £10-£20 on each one.

Bookmakers offer Free bets all the time and Profit Accumulator have got this in their sights.

The more advanced strategies involve accumulators and they have some interesting and powerful software to make a profit


They also have strategies for Casino Games. I must say that I find the casino offers a bit alien, but Profit Accumulator have risk free offers that could possibly make large sums.

It really works. I have been steadily accumulating a profit and I have only been involved for two weeks. If you are new to the world of Match Betting and online Bookmakers, you can have a free trial with two of them. If you already are familiar with these bookmakers you would have to join as a platinum member, but it is only £22.99 monthly or £150 per year.

Run out of Introductory offers?

I wondered at the beginning that there can only be so many Bookmaker introductory offers and what happens when we have gone through them all?


We move on to the reload offers


When you have worked through the introductory offers (Beginner, Advanced and Casino) we can move on to the reload offers. Every day the Bookies are making offers and Profit Accumulator have further strategies. Now these can be done manually using the system that you will have already mastered, or you can invest in additional software which is called Acca Catcher and Match Catcher(one package.)


This is an upsell but it is very good value at £15.99 per month or £130 per year. This software collects the available accumulators and shows you how to take advantage of offers. It also gives time saving info and up to date odds to take advantage of Horse Racing Refund Offers.

Here’s an update:- I have recently invested in their software called Acca Catcher. It gives details of thousands of Bookmaker Accumulator bets and how to benefit from the Acca insurance free bet offers the bookmakers are promoting. It’s early days but making a steady profit.

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