Are SecuredOptions Scam Brokers

ScamAre SecuredOptions Scam Brokers was my question?

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I have waited the 30 days after my initial deposit and I applied for the withdrawal of my money to find that my previous request had been cancelled. So I yesterday applied again. I received a reply with a section of the terms and conditions hi- lighted
Under section 11. Payment procedure:
“ Withdrawal requests can only be placed 30 days after your initial deposit date and a minimum 1 trade must be executed in the account. ”

Now when I was in dealings with Mike Jenssen he said ” I have already made you £85 trading the account”Avoid Scam Artist

Thus 1 trade has been executed .

I have contacted my Bank to dispute the transaction.

Hopefully they will do the decent thing and return the money.

Today I see in my bank the return of my £500! Well that was an unpleasant experience but at least that’s all it was!

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