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Hi, I’m Trevor Reeves and I have been practicing as a health care professional for the last 30 years. This means that I have been in the business of helping people with their health and wellbeing for quite a long time!

One of the best feelings I can get is when I have actually managed to help someone out -its a win –win situation they are happy and I am happy.

I earn a good living from my profession and I have been searching for a way of continuing my work using the internet and I have found it at last.

How did I become successful as a health care professional?

I come from pretty humble beginnings but by using my brains and with the benefit of free education and hard work I have become a successful Osteopath and Acupuncture Practitioner here in the U.K.

How does this relate to the particular offer that I have discovered?

Well this opportunity offers free education and free start up! In fact you could get a business up and running for zero money invested and coupled with this amazing offer is a whole community of other like-minded entrepreneurs with step by step free training.

When you search online for money making offers you mostly come up with scams. That’s what I have found, however with WEALTHY AFFILIATE you have a genuine business opportunity.

Check it out on the search engines and you will find what you are looking for – a scam free money making opportunity.

Below is a checklist of what I look for in a Business Opportunity

And I have marked WEALTHY AFFILIATE accordingly

  • Genuine                  Yes
  • Honest                     Yes
  • Ethical                      Yes
  • Affordable              Yes
  • Realistic                   Yes
  • Achievable              Yes
  • Free training           Yes
  • Enjoyable                 Yes

My intention with this website is to spread the good news about this remarkable programme and also to be a guide as to what actually works in the internet money making field.

Using the WA system I am also constructing a website about Low Back Pain as part of a series of sites with the intention of creating multiple streams of income.

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to write to you after becoming aware of your ideology. Although I am very familiar with the technology of the internet and computers, I have been unable to craft any long-term money making ideas. With communication like I believe you are representing here, this may be the beginning of something, both enjoyable and lucrative. I completely understand I will not become monetarily wealthy overnight, but with your sales knowledge and internet guidance coupled with my wide range of skills sets, this could become advantageous for the both of us! At your convenience, please reply, and lets see where this take us, I’d greatly appreciate it!


    • Hi Michael Thank you for your comment, believe me Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to make a successful online business. You will have an advantage with your knowledge and computer skills and the Open Education Project will provide you with guidance. The W.A. community is also there for answers.There are thousands of members from beginners to highly successful marketers and they are actively encouraged to help other members.You are right this is not a get rich quick opportunity it is a get rich steadily opportunity.
      If you haven’t already done so sign up for free and have a look round. When I did it only took me a short while before I signed up as a premium member. I have not regretted it and have nothing but good to report from the help and encouragement I have received.
      I am available at any time to answer any queries.
      Best Wishes,


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